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Every year, the ESVCN Congress is organised in a European city, hosted by the respective university.  The congress last about three days, covering a wide variety of topics in animal nutrition across the animal kingdom.  ESVCN carries both “veterinary” and “comparative” in its name, hence likes to attract a diverse range of contributions in order to stimulate scientific discussion leading to novel insights.

Proceedings past congresses (member log in required)

Upcoming congresses:

2016 - Berlin, Germany: September 15-17 – congress website

Past congresses:

2015 - Toulouse, France: September 17-19 

Contributions to the 19th ESVCN Conference can be published in the Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition
Please submit your papers via the Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition’s Scholar One system, and select ‘ESVCN supplement’ when choosing your article type.
Please be sure to follow the journal’s author guidelines and in your accompanying letter note that this is a contribution to the 19th ESVCN conference held in Toulouse September 2015

2014 - Utrecht, The Netherlands     

2013 – Ghent, Belgium                     

2012 – Bydgosczc, Poland              

2011 – Zaragoza, Spain                   

2010 – Zurich, Switzerland                 

2009 – Oristano, Sardinia, Italy          

2008 – Vienna, Austria                      

2007 – Leipzig, Germany                   

2006 – Nantes, France                       

2005 – Grugliasco, Italy                     

2004 – Budapest, Hungary                 

2003 – Hannover, Germany                

2002 – Antwerp, Belgium                    

2001 – Sursee, Switzerland                 

2000 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands   

1999 – Lyon, France                          

1998 – Vienna, Austria                       

1997 – Munich, Germany                    


Before the congresses, the first scientific meetings of the ESVCN were organised as a side program or part of the ESVIM/ECVIM congresses or the WSAVA congress:

1997 - ESVCN seminar @ ECVIM congress Sep 11-13, 1997; Lyon, France

1996 - ESVCN seminar @ ECVIM congress Sep 12-16, 1996; Veldhoven, The Netherlands

1995 - ESVCN seminar @ ESVIM congress Aug 31 – Sep 2, 1995; Cambridge, UK

          Aug 31: Calcium

1994 - ESVCN Seminar @ ESVIM congress Sep 9-11, 1994; Brussels, Belgium

          Sep 9: L-Carnitine

          Sep 10: Feline hepatic lipidosis

          Sep 11: Nutrition consultation

1993 - ESVCN Seminar as pre-congress day of the WSAVA congress Berlin, Germany

          Oct 6:  Nutrition and skeletal diseases in dogs of giant breeds

                    Nutrition of Sled dogs and greyhounds

                    Nutrition problems in rodents, cage birds and toy fish

1992 - ESVCN Seminar @ WSAVA congress Sep 24-27, 1992; Rome, Italy

         Sep 24:  Chronic diarrhoea in dogs (Joint Seminar with the Gastroenterology Society)