Board & committees

The ECVCN is run by a Board of Officers, and different Committees, each with a special role in the structure.

Some Board Officers are de facto members of some Committees, as shown in the figure below.



Composition of present committees (2017 -2020) :

Credential :

Chair : S. Handl


Members : J. Zentek, V. Biourge, A. Verbrugghe, M. Clauss

Education & Residency:

Chair : L. Colliard


Members : R. Ricci, C. Bjornvad, P. Wolf, N. Priymenko


Chair : M. Hervera Abad


Members : M. Hervera Abad, M. Diez, E. Hagen-Plantinga, Liviana Prola

Fiscal :

Chair : M. Hesta


Members : R. Corbee, M. Diez


Former boards